AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating Promotion

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Maybelline Ang

I contacted EA Detailer as I had a problem with tiny cockroaches in my car. The service staff were clear in explaining the services offered and the level of customer service was excellent. I was impressed with how my car looked after the interior & exterior treatment. It looked as shiny & clean as when I first had my car a year and a half ago. I have signed a package with them and I trust that my car will be well maintained under their care. Thank you for the excellent job done!

Jia Kai

Sent my car in for the anti pest fumigation together with the interior and exterior cleaning. EA is detailed in explaining their full service process and product using on my car. I like the product they use for the anti-bacteria, sanitisation which are used at child care centres. I am also in awe of her dedication and deli-cation to clean all areas that they are able to clean on my car including the engine bay and corners of the doors in such details. I like the fact that they do fetch and send service however they are lack of drivers , however there is vehicle available so end up doing a one to one exchange driving a vehicle back and fore when the time is up. I am looking forward for their new outlet to open this year. Definitely will recommend to friends who needs grooming and interior cleaning.

Mazlee Muharram

From the onset, Victor and team showed professionalism and took the time to explain to me in detail what would be done. Our 8-year old car actually looked new by the time they were done and even smelled new! But most importantly, they got rid of most of the roaches. I didn't intend to sign up for a package, but after seeing the work done, I was sold. I'm coming back again.

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Option #1: AutoStrato CeraZ-36 Ceramic Coating now @ $409
(Usual Price: $999)
3 Years Standard Warranty
Up to 3 Years Durability
** Complimentary Coating Inspection & Maintenance (Request for booking after 7 days to 21 days of coating has been done)

Option #2: AutoStrato CeraZ-60 Ceramic Coating now @ $649
(Usual Price: $1,299)
5 Years Standard Warranty
Up to 5 Years Durability
** Complimentary Coating Inspection & Maintenance (Request for booking after 7 days to 21 days of coating has been done)

Service Process includes:
✓ Rinse and Shampoo with Gloss Shampoo
✓ Claying : Removal of Paint Contaminants
✓ Wheels/Rim Cleaner
✓ Machine Polish
✓ 1-3 Step Paint Correction
✓ Engine Bay Detailing
✓ Tire Gloss
✓ Rims Polishing
✓ Exhaust Pipes Polishing
✓ Clean up of Door Shuts, Boot Shuts, Bonnet Edges
✓ Clean up of Fuel Cap Compartment
✓ CeraZ Ceramic Coating Preparation Stage
✓ 3 Layers of Application of CeraZ-36/CeraZ-60 Ceramic Coating
✓ Complimentary Headlights Coating
✓ Complimentary Leather Protectant Treatment
✓ Complimentary Interior Trimming Protectant
✓ Complimentary Rims Coating

Duration: est. 4 to 6 hours

Upserv Enhancement Option: 4 Stage Interior now @ $150 (U.P $369.00)
✓ Anti Pest Treatment
✓ Anti-Viral Sanitization Treatment
✓ Leather Treatment
✓ Dashboard Treatment
✓ Interior Trimming Protection
✓ Steam Cleaning (Dustmites, Odour Smell Removal)
✓ Tornado Intensive Care Wash (Heavy Stains, Dust, Dirt Removal)
✓ Hydro Extraction (Dust, Dirt Removal)
✓ Comprehensive Interior Vacuum
✓ Ozonic Treatment (Remove Bacteria, Any Chemical Residue, Odour Smell Removal, Air Treatment to Refresh Car Interior Cabin)

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5. $50 surcharge for SUV/MPV/Flagship sedan
6. $50 surcharge for helping to clear and pack personal belongings in boxes
7. EA Detailer will not be liable for any loss of items
8. Payment to be made only via Paypal. Paypal accepts VISA/Mastercard & Amex
9. Payment made online are non refundable
10. This promotion is only valid till 30th July 2018
11. Service to be rendered by 30th July 2018
12. Standard Chartered Cardholders (Discount of 10%) is not applicable for this promotion
13. American Express Cardholders (Discount of 15%) is not applicable for this promotion

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