Exterior Detailing Treatment

3-Stage Exterior - from $319

Our 3-Stage Exterior is catered for the more discerning car aficionado who wants their prized vehicles to look the absolute best. We take your vehicle through a thorough inspection – examining the vehicle’s paintwork, searching for contaminants such as tree sap, bird poo and blemishes such as swirl marks and oxidation spots caused by UV radiation.

A machine compound paint correction process of polishing will be then be carried out after the initial inspection.

To further compliment the detailing process, the engine bay will be cleaned up, rims and exhaust will be polished. We also go the extra mile, by detailing all door shuts, boot shuts, bonnet edges, fuel cap and crevices and gaps that a sub-par groomer might miss.

This service may also take longer depending on the current paintwork condition of the vehicle. Paint correction and refining work varies for different seriousness condition.

Duration: 4 to 5 hours