Discover EA Detailer – Getting Started

Stage One : Prep Work

Explore the market and opportunity thoroughly. Make sure you clearly understand what EA Detailer does and stands for. Find out more details about this stage on our Become a EA Detailer Automotive Franchisee page.

Stage Two : Questionnaire

You can begin the application stage by completing our Questionnaire. Upon receiving it, we will review your answers and be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a brief 5-minute introductory call.

Stage Three : Introductory Call

At this stage, we will offer more information about our franchise and answer any questions you may have. Also, we will interview you to assess your experience and passion. If we’ve established mutual interest, we’ll schedule your first interview.

Stage Four : First Interview

During this 20-minute call of our franchise application process, we will go over more detail in depth. We will ensure that you meet our qualification criteria. At the same time, you will evaluate your continued interest in joining our franchise family. Upon confirmation from both parties, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Application Form, and accompanying agreements. Read them carefully and follow the instructions you will receive.

Stage Five : Second Interview

During the second phone interview, EA Detailer will offer any answers to specific questions regarding points outlined in the FDD and the Application Form. We will then schedule a final validation call. Upon its successful completion, we will warmly welcome you to our headquarters in Singapore.

Stage Six : Headquarters Visit & Agreement

At this final stage we’ll execute our agreement and conduct your Initial Training. You will witness and learn from our operations first-hand, right in our Singapore headquarters. This is a great way to experience a day in the life of a EA Detailer owner, receive essential training, and meet our executive team.

The Franchise Agreement is an official contract between EA Detailer and you as our new franchisee. We encourage you to review everything carefully before you affix your signature. As you execute the Franchise Agreement, the initial franchise fee is also paid. Upon receipt of your signed Franchise Agreement and payment, you’ll receive a EA Detailer Training Manual and have the chance to order your EA Detailer equipment.

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