Discover EA Detailer – Sales and Marketing

EA Detailer utilizes time and energy to generate cost-effective sales and marketing strategies successfully. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have undergone years of extensive training and experience. Once you join us, our professional sales and marketing team builds a solid foundation for you. This initial detaiedl business marketing package includes:

Our Detail Business Marketing and Sales Training

You will get the same extensive training and ongoing support in marketing strategies as all our successful franchisees. With initial marketing strategies proven to yield profits, your car detail business will get the jumpstart you desire. Updates on marketing strategies and inspiration for seasonal promotions will always introduce new ways to effectively connect with customers.

In addition, if you get so inspired that you develop your own sales and marketing strategies, rest assured that we will encourage you and never hold you back. We will even provide you with the results of our ongoing industry research and newly acquired techniques. With our analytical approach and your proactive attitude, you’ll be able to maximize your potential as an auto detail business with the ultimate goal of increasing your bottom line. After all, your success is ours too.

Own SEO-optimized website with specially written copy
Social Media properties set-up – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
Social Media management
Branded outfit
PR campaign
Grand Opening assistance
Promotional materials
Marketing and sales sheets templates
Marketing training

Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn’t just ads and commercials. It’s about promoting your auto detail business on every level. EA Detailer has honed a marketing approach that works! Franchisees have a sound marketing launch pad using our developed marketing plans.


Our first marketing tier gets your name out there. As you increase visibility, you will increase consumption of your services. Our team of professional designers and marketers has the winning strategies and appealing materials that will get your business noticed.

Customer Contact

Our second marketing tier builds upon your existing customer base. Once the ball starts rolling, your detail business must not drop promotional efforts! EA Detailer knows how valuable client relationships are. That is why we will help you nurture and harvest these relationships.

Research and Development

Any successful entrepreneur knows that there’s always room to improve a business. Our third marketing tier continues and perfects our marketing campaigns. We constantly monitor our brand and our satellite franchises to understand how the market is reacting. You’ll receive detailed analysis as well as new marketing strategies from EA Detailer headquarters. We’ll give you information on how to improve your business.

Multi-level Strategy

So how do we implement our marketing approach? With a multi-level strategy, of course! In a modern, busy, media-saturated world, we’ve learned a thing or two about engaging customers at the right time, in the right way. You’ll learn how to effectively engage and pull in customers. We’ll show you how to use text, email, phone, and print advertising to stay in contact with customers, promote your business, and cull valuable feedback.

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