Discover EA Detailer – Technology

EA Detailer gives you all the tools and franchise technology needed to fully manage your business. We missioned ourselves to assure you of your profitability within the first 12 months of operations; Eg. the constant challenge is how to convert a layman to be a skilled technician within the shortest possible time. EA Detailer has the solution to this!

Service Technology

Our franchise technology is a proven success. Due to this unique methodology in the market, our system helps your business succeed. Being operators ourselves to begin with, we innately know the challenges that you are going to face. Given our hallmark service architecture, our customers come in more than just to #glossup their vehicle. They are looking to be treated differently.

Business Management Technology

EA Detailer gives you the technology to run your business smoothly. Our processes engage transactions seamlessly and efficiently with an integrated technological network. Our business management technology is time, energy, and cost efficient. To manage your customers, build your name, and advertise your business, you’ll have the following technological support:

Latest search-engine optimized web
Online scheduling management system
Online contact management system
Automated email marketing system
Mobile Application

Financial Administration Technology

In addition, our efficient financial system keeps your business running smoothly. Say goodbye to messy account books and the costly overheads for account managers. Therefore, we provide franchisees with an effective accounting system to manage their businesses professionally.

Constant Product Innovation

Our signature ceramic coating, paint protection film and vinyl wrap offers a competitive edge which a solo business operator would find challenging to replicate. Possessing the ability to research our very own patented products assures our franchisees’ ability to constantly stay ahead of the game.

Staying ahead of the game, we pioneered into hardware. From steam washing machines to spray painting booths to even the daily perishables like polishing pads, we have a comprehensive range of support so that you will never feel neglected.

Unique Franchise Matrix Support

As a continuation of the initial training and support program, our franchisees have ongoing access to a rich library of tools and manuals. Our monthly coaching sessions give them an opportunity to stay in front of latest updates, as well as the ability to share valuable tips and tricks with each other. Additionally, you will be assigned a Personal Support Officer who is on standby 24/7 regardless of where you are – we are ready to take the next flight and be there to assist you.

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