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April ’19 Promotion

Interior Sanitization Detailing

Interior Detailing Promotion

Do you drive your #kids around in your car? Are u sure they are mixing with the right company? Bio-engineered pesticide which is 100% safe for your kids in action! Proprietary to only EA Detailer.

Our signature #interiorcleaning services aims not only to refresh but also to make sure your family is free from pests. Medically certified to be Anti-#hfmd; we make sure your kids will be spared from the agony from this fatal virus. Utilising up to 8 different kinds of professional equipments, you are served by the region top-notch detailer.

Crystgard Paint Protection Film

Crystgard Paint Protection Film – a fully customizable paint protection system. Unlike ceramic coating which do not last against  waterspots and will be eroded within months. Paint Protection is a 8mil thick, hydrophobic and self-healing automotive protection film backed up with factory warranty for 5 years

Anti-keyscratch and forever free from swirlmarks. Extreme clarity and enhanced gloss up to 30%. A physical material wrapped over your car body, providing extreme protection and resistance than a normal paint protection coating have offer.

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