Enhancement Detailing Services

360° Baby Seat Sanitization - $89 per seat

One of the most important reasons for having a clean baby seat is hygiene. While this typically needs no explanation, it cannot be stressed enough that a dirty baby seat makes your child more prone to disease and illnesses. In addition, dirt contributes to the growth and spread of germs.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Steam Vaporizing

Steam works quickly. Steam liquefies and dislodges stubborn and greasy dirt within seconds. Applying steam uses physics to clean: dirt particles heat up and expand faster than the surface under them. This expansion breaks their bond with the surface, allowing the dirt particles to be wiped away.

In essence steam cleaners work similarly to a pressure cooker. Water is heated and pressurized so it’s boiling point rises. When the trigger gun is pulled, the superheated water flashes to steam and is shot out of the gun at high speeds. The most important benefit of vaporing is that no chemical is used in the whole process; the effect is achieved with boiling water only.

Tornado Gun Cleaning

A highly effective tool used to clean virtually any surface or any material found within or without on a car for the detailing process. Compressed air is fed through a fine tip that oscillates at a high RPM (revolutions per minute) rate contained within a coned nozzle. With its high-quality plastic bottle attachment, it can also allow water or other chemicals to be introduced into the air stream for additional cleaning capabilities. The high speed and pressure of the compressed air breaks up dirt and debris allowing for quicker, easier, and more effective cleaning.

With stains and dirt accumulating within our car interior cabin frequently and faster than our homes, this process utilises a high pressure machine which helps to break apart the stain particles and dirt particles for easier removal process.

This process also helps to remove bacteria and germs for interior hygenie and cleanliness from spreading through the car interior cabin.

Hydro Extraction Cleaning

Our unique water filtration system captures typical dirt, while remaining microscopic particles are caught by our HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This two-stage filtration combination removes nearly 100% of dirt and contaminants from your Cabin.

Sanitization (Anti-Viral)

Nothing is left unattended in our treatment, we used Hospital Grade Disinfectant which is Medically Certified by SGH. The agent is also the Official Anti-Viral Products for NATO activation. It is proven to be of 99.98% effectiveness against HFMD as per tested by TUV. We used the same solution in our own 4 pre-school centers and have prevented HFMD outbreak for the last 5 years.


Pet Hair Removal - from $89

Pets can leave a veritable carpet of hair on your car upholstery.

Service includes:
Vacuuming all loose surface hair from the seats and other parts of the interior cabin.

There is bound to have static hold between the pet hair and fabric interior especially the floorboard. We will be using a damp cloth or dryer sheet, or a spray of equal parts liquid fabric softener and water in order to allow the hair to come free more easily. Wipe the seats down or spray them and let dry. Use the lint brush or a stiff-bristled brush on the seat to loosen and remove the stuck hair.

The best method to minimised your pet hair dropping in your vehicle is to brush your dog regularly to remove as much dead, loose hair as possible. This will lessen the amount of shed hair you find elsewhere.

Some dog hair may transfer from you to your car’s seats, so check your outfit for hitchhiking pet hair before you get in your car.


Leather Re-Upholstery - Price on Asking

Leather is a vulnerable material which is prune to wear and tear as well as scratches. Repair of leather upholstery is possible in most cases, however at times, a full rewrap of it may require.

Make an appointment with us to assess your interior condition for a FREE quote!


Buttons Restoration - Price on Asking

Many of you might have experience the wear and tear of button symbols in your interior cabin and it is starting to annoy you.

Not to worry, in most cases, it’s restorable.

Make an appointment with us to assess your button condition for a FREE quote!


Headlights Restoration with CeraZ-Lens Coating - $229

Our Headlights Coating does not only improves your vehicle’s appearance, but more importantly it protects your headlight condition and provides safety to the driver and passengers as the ability to project light properly.

The oxidized plastic can reduce up to 80% of light that is shining on the path of route that you are traveling on .

With proper coating on your vehicle headlights, it helps to extend the period of time that the headlights will be able to function effectively in projecting lights onto the road that you are traveling on. Our headlight coating will form crosslinks to create a hardness of 6H to amplify its shine transparency, protecting the headlights from yellowing or blurring quickly.

Duration: 2 hours


Windscreen Coating - from $199

Our Windscreen Coating does not only improves your vehicle’s appearance, but more importantly it protects your windscreen condition and provides safety to the driver for a clearer view of the road ahead.

Use the glass treatment that jet fighters use on their windshields without wiper blades!

#Aquapel is a patented product from the leaders in glass technology – PPG Industrial Coatings. When AQUAPEL Glass Treatment is applied to the exterior of vehicle glass, it leaves the surface water resistant. Rain beads up and rolls off, dramatically improving visibility-day and night.

One application lasts up to six times longer than other products. This product applies to the windshield to dramatically increase visibility in rain day or night. The solution forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike silicone-based products that simply coat glass.


  • Easy to clean, self cleaning effect
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Scratch resistance hard coating
  • Car wash resistant, high water pressure resistance
  • Improves visibility

Duration: 2 hours


Engine Bay Detailing - $109

Detailing the engine bay can often seem ovewhelming and potentially scary but in reality, it’s one of the easiest areas to care for. Many owners fear that they will spoil certain part of the engine with a simple cleaning.

The main benefits is to prevent rust and corrosion within the engine bay. Of course, cosmetic appearance is part of the reason.

Generally the engine bay can be the dirtiest place out of the whole vehicle. Grease and dirt can be found accumulated in the engine bay, especially the rubber hose areas. Over time, the grease and dirt will deteriorate the rubber hose.

When you have a clean engine bay, it is much easier to get a proper diagnosis because we can see small leaks before they get out of hand. Fixing a problem while it’s small can keep repairs prices lower by preventing extensive damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Duration: 1 hour


Rims Polishing & Coating with Ceramic Coating - from $389

Our Rims Coating is using long-lasting, transparent coating on nano-technology for the rims. Its main purpose is to protect the wheel rims against renewed soiling. Alleviates and simplifies cleaning. Salt, water and dirt just run off in droplets.

It helps for easy maintaining the vehicle rims especially for vehicle that has a lot of brake dust.

Duration: 3 hours


Soft Top Coating - $229

Convertible tops have a short lifespan, and must be replaced every few years. Protecting your fabric soft top or tonneau cover is critical to your vehicle’s image by keep them looking new, and help them last longer.

The coating uses an advanced formula provides months of durable protection against liquids, stains, UV solar rays, tree sap, road tar, water spots and much more. Rain water and dirt will not stick to the surface due to the hydrophobic technology which increases the surface tension of the fabric top allowing water to simply slide off before it can stain.

Our Soft Top Coating also contains UV blockers that protect against solar rays to keep any convertible top looking great as UV solar rays will cause the soft top to fade, discolor, and degrade.

Duration: 3 hours


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