Feynlab Self-Healing Ceramic Coating

Feynlab Self-Healing Ceramic Coating - $2,499

FEYNLAB’s pedigree product, developed with extensive field testing and refinement, it is the only true Self-Healing coating available on the market! Though proclaiming it as the greatest development in coating technology since the invention of paint, maybe an exaggeration, this system is certainly the clearest demonstration of how advanced our nanotechnology is compared to all other suppliers of car care products.

FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS is the optimal solution to keeping your vehicle looking it best and well protected over time. With HEAL PLUS, your vehicles will retain their true color and glossy appearance due to the impressive self-healing mechanism which vanishes away wash-induced swirl marks and light scratches.

HEAL PLUS is thickest and most advanced nano-coating available in automotive surface care. In addition to the revolutionary self-healing mechanism, the ceramic backbone of SELF HEAL PLUS creates a highly durable protective layer with super gloss and extreme slickness.

FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS adds a super thick, self-healing, durable, chemical and U.V. resistant layer to painted surfaces, keeping vehicles looking their best long-term.

To activate healing: simply park the vehicle in direct sun where the temperature is 30°C (85°F) or higher and the Ceramic Polymer Matrix will reset. Fine scratches and micro swirls will vanish, revealing a super glossy reflective surface!

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