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EAD x Vintage Studio Hair Salon

S$2,500.00 of Vouchers Giveaway! FREE 50 Pieces of $50 Vouchers from Vintage Studio Hair Salon

This May & June, EA Detailer is collaborating with @vintagestudiovs to make you look cantik-cantik!

Embrace a new look not only with your Kereta but amazed all your kakis too by stylists from one of the best hair salons in Singapore who even maintains our Singapore local celebrities’ needs too!

Wait not! Book Online @ $100 and Grab 1x FREE $50 Voucher to redeem a stylish new look (Limited to 50 Pieces ONLY!)

Vintage Studio Yuan Shuai Jaylee Woo Car Detailing Promotion

EAD x #HariRaya #HappyFamily: 3-Stage Interior

Hari Raya is here now! Prepare your car for your family trips!

Starting now is better than later. Prevention is always better than cure. What would be harmful if irregular cleaning or even NO cleaning is done to your car interior cabin?
1. Cockroaches – Persistently colonisation of many generations of cockroaches
2. Dustmites – Potentially draws out allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching etc
3. Germs and Bacteria – Micro organisms that can cause disease
4. Odour Smell – Comes from spillage or vomit
5. Vocs – New car strong smell which comes from mainly plastic parts is giving you headaches

Interior Detailing Promotion

EAD x AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating Special

How to achieve the ease of maintaining your vehicle?

Our Paint Protection Coating, especially Ceramic Coating product grades, are recommended for ALL car owners; regardless car lovers or non car lovers. With this a protective layer of paint protection coating bonded with your naked exterior paintwork helps to increase many benefits.

Instantly gain these benefits after having our Paint Protection Coating:
1. Excellent Gloss & Shine
2. Easy washing and rinsing
3. Fantastic Hydrophobic effect to minimise water stains
3. Longer durability for car shine
4. 9H resistance against minor scratches (non-deliberate scratches)
5. Resistance against stone small during normal daily drive

Book for a session our AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating with us today!

AutoStrato CeraZ Ceramic Coating Series