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Post Chinese New Year Early Bird Promotion

During Chinese New Year, many car owners will have been travelling around visiting friends and relatives. We want to help you to have a clean and shiny car so that you can bring your family, wife or girlfriend out in a more comfortable transport environment.

With irresistible Chinese New Year goodies, many kids including adults might even take a bite or two while in transit to the next destination. Engage a treatment to check for new creepy friends like cockroaches in your car cabin but also refresh the interior cabin. Most of us do not air our car, so even the slightest odour smell in your car cabin is not a suprise too!

Wait not! Book for a Full Detailing Werkz with us today! Opt for a top up of $80 to include FREE LAYER OF CERAMIC COATING if you opt for Full Detailing Werkz from $228!

Post CNY Car Detailing Special

AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating Soft Launch Special 

Having a dilemma moment finding out how to achieve ease of maintaining your vehicle?

Ceramic Coating is generally the option to go for. Achieve Hydrophobic self cleaning effect to minimise water remains on your car exterior!
EA Detailer is releasing a new series of Ceramic Coating – AutoStrato CeraZ Series

Book for a session AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating with us today!

AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating Soft Launch Special