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EAD x Marvel Avenger : Infinity War Promotion

FREE 45 Pairs of “Avengers – Infinity War” GV Tickets

With the looming crisis arriving in April, we mobilized Captain Detailer in the fight against the wrath of Thanos!

Put up your armor of ReActive Ceramic Coating with CeraZ Ceramic Coating for the upcoming intergalactic conflict!

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EAD x Marvel Avenger : Infinity War Promotion - Car Detailing Promotion

EAD x Making Sure Your Family #TravelSafe

Why you should Sanize your Interior Car Cabin regularly?

Prevention is better than cure. What can be harmful if irregular cleaning or even NO cleaning is done to your car interior cabin?
1. Vocs – New car smell which comes from mainly plastic parts
2. Cockroaches – Persistently colonisation of many generations of cockroaches
3. Dustmites – Potentially draws out allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching etc
4. Germs and Bacteria – Micro organisms that can cause disease

Car Interior Anti Pest and Sanitization Promotion

EAD x AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating Special

Having a dilemma momment finding out how to achieve ease of maintaining your vehicle ?

Paint Protection Coating especially Ceramic Coating product grades are recommended for the discerning automobile enthusiasts who want to have their cars feeling like it constantly showroom condition.

Instant gain these benefits after protecting your car paint:
1. Climatic resistance
2. Hydrophobic effect to minimise water stains
3. Enrich the painted surface of your car exterior, brings out more gloss and shine 4. 9h resistance against minor scratches (non-deliberate scratches)

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AutoStrato CeraZ Series Ceramic Coating Soft Launch Special