Common Car Concerns & Issues that you might also be Facing

Facing some predicament with regards to your Car Exterior / Interior?


What concerns do you have with your Car Exterior or Interior Cabin?

Introduction to EA Detailer Car Detailing Services


Do you face the following predicament with your Car?
Car Interior:

✓ Cockroach / bugs and other pests issues

✓ Spilled juices / fish soup

✓ Heavy foul odour smell

✓ Sudden itch while being in the car cabin interior

✓ Stained parts on your dashboard

✓ Stained parts of your leather/fabric seats

Car Exterior Paint Work:

✓ Years of abusive washing techniques by petrol station car washer

✓ Dull looking paintwork on your car exterior

✓ Bad swirlmarks / scratches concerns on car exterior

✓ Bad Watermarks & stained marks on your car exterior

✓ Easy washing & maintaining methods for your car

✓ Longer lasting shine & gloss of car exterior

You are not alone.

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