The Team

Felix Lin
Executive Director
Felix is passionate about delivering amazing customer service. Prior to EA Detailer, he was managing JF Lennon (China). Wanting to escape the ups and downs of the corporate world, he decided to divert his attention to his other love - automotive restoration. Armed with his Bachelor in Data Communications from Queensland University of Technology, Felix initiated the idea of combining Data Science and Retail Operations. Under his stewardship, EA Detailer has grown to 3 outlets in Singapore and is constantly searching for growth opportunities and providing true value to our customers.
Navarro Chan
Head Operations
Navarro is a passionate engineer who went from fixing Lego bricks during his childhood to assembling aircraft engines in his adulthood. Dexterity has always been his greatest strength. After graduating from Kingston University with a specialisation in Aircraft Engineering, Navarro started his career at Rolls Royce where he realised his childhood dream of building an aeroplane. His work experience at the world’s leading luxury car and aero engine manufacturing company made Navarro the perfect candidate to oversee the operation of EAD, thus ensuring excellent processes and quality of work. For his leisure pursuit, Navarro loves to collect Transformer toys and is a secret fanboy of Optimus Prime.
Donald Low
Head of Technology
Donald Low has an impressive technological background. He developed the solution for E-Nets online portal. He implemented technological solutions for The Housing Development Board (Government), Singapore Institute of Technology (Education), EpiCenter (Retail), Porsche (Automotive), and Parkway Health (Healthcare). His expertise allows EA Detailer to add the layer of technology that is lacking in our industry. He also developed an algorithm that allows EA Detailer to focus on the right customer with minimal resources and efforts. He doubles up as the Head of EADxpress, the "efficient" version of EA Detailer. Lovingly known as the "Teddy Bear"; Donald spend most of his time in front of his iMac and his favorite person on Earth - his son.
Jamey Merkel
Head Marketing & PR
Jamey is originally from and spent the last 3 years building tech companies across web and native apps; his most well know venture - Kluje was featured on TechinAsia; Yahoo and was awarded the one of the Best Start-Up in AsiaTech 2013. He is well versed in design, copyrighting, and digital marketing. He holds 1st class Honor’s in Marketing Management from Newcastle Business School in the UK. He has a diverse background in hospitality and brand management. He also works as an ambassador for Suntory, one of the best whiskies in the world. If you like what EA Detailer has been offering to the public, it is in Jamey's mind that most of the ideas are conceived.
Jeremy Ong
Head Strategic Development
Jeremy is the Technical Director of Sonax Singapore. He ensures EA Detailer is always in pursuit of perfection and precision. With his knowledge, EA Detailer has codified the process of automotive restoration and adheres closely to the German Standards of Wet and Dry Valeting. His expertise and perfect domain knowledge put EA Detailer in front of all our competition and delivering constant amazing standards in car grooming. Sonax is TUV certified and is one of the largest Car Grooming Product Manufacturers on Earth. With his help - EA Detailer managed to secure the exclusive rights to Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating for 2017.


Hafiiz Ramle
Divisional Director, Brunei
Hafiiz Ramle is the co-founder and partner of OCDBN, Brunei’s Premium Automotive Detailer, he is also one hard working eccentric “petrol head” entrepreneur whom left his 9-5 career as a firearms trainer to successfully form and manage a logistics company supplying vacuum tankers to the oil and gas sector in Brunei Darussalam. Other than passionately detailing cars, he also reviews cars in Brunei as his knowledge and technical abilities are excellent and credible because he holds a Diploma in Automotive Engineering and also he has raced around Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia to represent Porsche Centre Brunei in the License To Thrill competition held by Porsche Pan-Asia group.
Rashid Zakaria
Deputy Divisional Director, Brunei
Rashid Zakaria is a graduate in B.A majoring geography and minor in economics from University of Brunei Darussalam, Rashid has been venturing in the car industry for the past 6 years as a salesman in Toyota, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. Along the way in the car dealership, he realized the importance of perfection in delivering the car to the customer. From there on, the obsession and passion in car detailing grew to be his preferred career.